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Computer Science
Instructional Laboratory


William Sterner manages the CS Labs, which are staffed by UChicago students (called "Tutors"). They maintain nearly every aspect of the lab, from teaching minicourses to keeping the lab's computers and servers running smoothly.

Many of the Tutors major in Computer Science and Mathetmatics, but we also have History, Art, Economics, and Linguistics majors. Try us if you have a question. We may have an answer. You can search the college directory if you are a University of Chicago affiliate and want to directly contact a tutor. Our current staff members are:

  • Alexander Aron
  • Austin Byers
  • Ben Weinshel
  • Cannon Matthews
  • Chip Lekberg
  • Christopher Choy
  • Cody Hanson
  • Daniel Deng
  • David Noursi
  • Elliott Anderson
  • Eric Volpert
  • Freddy Boulton
  • Isaac Adeleke
  • Jackie Pai
  • Jason Vallee
  • Jeremy Archer
  • Kevin He
  • Kevin Zhao
  • Lee Ehudin
  • Liyuan Chen
  • Maximillion Pham
  • Michelle Ross
  • Mitch Spradlin
  • Olivia Weng
  • Pablo Melana-Dayton
  • Panya Gupta
  • Soyoung Eom
  • Stefan Lance
  • Tristan Peters
  • Victor Jiao

Tutor Job Description

CSIL Tutors do not spend the bulk of their time helping individual users one-on-one. CSIL's mission is to help the UC undergraduate community learn and make use of the most current computer technology, while keeping it accessible. We develop internal use software for facilitating Lab operations which provides scaffolding for Lab sessions and general use activities. We also have user assistance available during all hours of operation. (We are one of the few labs on campus to do this.) We are a service organization dedicated to producing learning and helping the undergraduate community. Our top priority is keeping CSIL running with a professional and helpful manner. In this sense, we "tutor" the wider community.

Lab Hours

Autumn, Winter, Spring

9:00 AM–12:00 AM
9:00 AM–10:00 PM
10:00 AM–10:00 PM
noon–12:00 AM


9:00 AM–10:00 PM
9:00 AM–5:00 PM
noon-5:00 PM
noon–10:00 PM

(The Lab is closed for all University holidays and during all interim periods.)

Lab Contact Information

Phone Number
(773) 702-1082